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M/s. BPP POTECTION SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED, is an eminent placement firm that is committed to provide superior value added service to our clients and candidates alike, there by becoming the most respected and effective recruitment for enabled industries. We are focused on delivering complete quality solutions for organizational human Resource needs. With the right combination of robust delivery models and measured processed, we are committed to a long term partnership with our clients…

Dr Ajay Tiwari - Managing Director

Dr Ajay Tiwari, founder of BPP Protection Services Pvt. Ltd, is having 25 years of expertise in Business Expansion. He is Qualification M.com, Phd in Bussines management. He is a successful business man and having good Net worth. He had work since 2004 in government, Ministry of Railways Consultancy & Supply work through our company Shubham tarde corporation Faridabad and he is social worker also He had delivered many projects successfully. He provides strategic management plans continuously which ensure successful completion of the projects. He leads a highly devoted & experienced team. He takes full responsibility for delivering successful completion of the projects and ensures high level of safety standards, managing and motivating our Procurement, Construction and Finance Departments. He drives quality and process improvements. He identifies future resource requirements to arrange them timely & appropriately. He is fully aware of our internal strengths and limitations to utilise and overcome it. He sets yearly deliverable demanding objectives for himself and the entire team. He ensures that our Bankers and Customers are fully satisfied.

Sapna Tiwari - Executive Director

Sapna Tiwari, Co-founder of BPP Protection Services Pvt. Ltd, is having 20 years of expertise in Execution of Projects. She is Qualification M.A She had completed many projects successfully (Safely, with Quality, Timely and within the Budget). He leads a highly experienced construction team.

She takes full responsibility for delivering successful completion of the projects and ensures high level of safety standards, managing and motivating construction team, reviewing planning, budgeting and making key decisions during the entire project duration to see that construction projects are in line with the proposed budget and are completed within the scheduled time.

She identifies future resource requirements to arrange them timely & appropriately. He is also responsible for directing, reviewing project in-depth, coordinating the activities and monitoring performance of the project & the team and ensure that everything goes according to plan from start to completion of the project. He also monitor progress during the entire project cycle in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner. He also negotiates contracts with Vendors and Sub-contractors. He ensures that our Customers are fully satisfied.

Dinker Sharma - Vice president

The vice president’s responsibilities include overseeing internal operations, helping to build strong customer relationships, maximizing the company’s operating performance, and helping to achieve the company’s financial goals. The vice president supports the company’s president and must be able to step in when the president is away from the office or otherwise unavailable.To be a successful vice president, you should be innovative with strong leadership and managerial skills. You should be motivational, a good public speaker, confident, and goal-oriented.

Shivansh Tiwar - Legal Advisors

Legal advisors provide clients or organizations with advice, guidance, and support related to a range of legal issues or concerns. They have an active role in preparing and reviewing contracts and other legal agreements or Documents. They also guide or manage contract negotiations. Their work is to be sympathetic towards all the employees, if any employee is being exploited in a company, they help that employee and provide him justice. If any dispute arises in any contract of the company, then The solution is also done through the arbitrator.

Mr. Paras Bhagat - (Sr. HR Manager)

Mr. Paras Bhagat  is Sr. HR Manager of BPP Protection Private Limited is having 5 years of experience as a HR /Admin. His Qualification i s BBA from Delhi University (DU). Managing consulting recruitment assignments for Security staff, Security Supervisors, Manpower and Housekeeping. When he approach with Clients, Contractors , People and Partners, we strongly believe that these values set us apart and differentiate us from our competitors.  Responsibilities

are supporting the Development and implementation of HR initiatives and systems, providing counseling on policies and procedures; he has full power to maintain employee records (attendance, ECO data, etc). According to policies and legal requirements. Excellent communication and  interpersonal skills.

Sukhvir Singh, (Operation Head )

Sukhvir Singh of BPP Protection Services Private Limited, Is having 15 years of experience as a HR/ Administrator, His Qualification is Graduate by “Ministry Of Defence Army and a Security officer and firefighter course from Mumbai. Also he has

15 Years of Experience as a “INDIAN NAVY IN EXECUTIVE TRADE”. Managing Executive – level presentation skills and ability to handle high-level client and Govt work interactions. He has a power to contribute towards realizing organization’s vision and become its integral part where he was look after security

,manpower, housekeeping etc. We strongly believe that he directly and indirectly manage staff with the goal of enhancing professional development and personal growth. Mange Strong interpersonal, relationship-building, and negotiating skill with other companies.